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Today no company leaves the development of new, marketable products or services to chance. The competitive environment is too complex and dynamic nowadays.

For sustainable and long-term success it is therefore necessary to know and be able to apply methods and tools to initiate and implement product-, process- and service innovation. Skills which drive the innovation process such as creativity and systematic work methods need to be developed.

What does such systematic and integrated innovation and product management require? Dedicated engineers with engineering, marketing and management skills. These are the priorities of this Master's programme.


Product Concept Design: Design-centered factors represent in many cases key potential for differentiation and efficiency of mechatronic products. As a future product concept designer, you learn to consider goal-orientated and resources-friendly ergonomic, functional and aesthetic aspects in the ideas and concept phase.

Development Process Engineering: This specialization module deals with optimization of integrated development processes of mechatronic products. You are taught how to design and implement a system for information, planning and monitoring of development in support of the R & D department.

Innovation and Strategy

Strategic Innovation and Technology Management: This field covers the planning of innovation strategies and their coordination with the strategic planning of other functional areas. This includes holistic planning, management and monitoring of technological innovation processes in international companies. Furthermore, you will also learn the skills needed for the implementation and maintenance of an innovation-friendly corporate culture.

Strategic product management: This is about the implementation of the innovation and product strategy by the optimum design of the product range in terms of product breadth and depth. You learn how to use strategic monitoring to identify and develop potential for success and how, as a senior manager in product management, to set appropriate strategic product policy measures throughout the product life cycle.

International Marketing: This course module deals with planning and implementing a global marketing strategy. Topics include international market research and business-type-specific planning of the service programme and pricing policy as well as distribution, communication, service and brand policies of international industrial goods companies.


Here brand-new and future methods of engineering are presented as well as  processes and tools. These include modern materials, future technologies, simultaneous engineering, topics from the usability field, bionics or reverse or simultaneous engineering. You will also learn about modern manufacturing technologies in the field of rapid prototyping.

Professional Skills

Especially in an international environment excellent social skills are essential. Skills and know-how in leadership, intercultural communication, negotiation, teamwork, etc. are conveyed through seminars and workshops on- but also off-site.