Wels CampusEngineering



  • benefit evaluation of product concepts
  • acceptance testing of new product ideas and concepts
  • benchmarking of front-end processes in industrial goods companies
  • trendmonitoring in selected areas


  • conjoint analysis
  • empathic design
  • quantitative surveys
  • outcome driven innovation
  • sprint > radar
  • concept testing

Reference Projects

Benefit evaluation of mobile phone services

Customer: emporia | Linz (A)
Product: mobile phones for seniors
Objective: evaluation of the customer preferences regarding mobile services
Year: 2011/12
Methodology: adaptive internet-based conjoint analysis

This benefit evaluation of mobile phone services made it possible to spot new approaches for the development of new services and relevant features of mobiles for seniors, which are optimally adapted to the needs of the target group. For a better understanding potential additional functions were shown not only with text, but also supported visually. In a period of 4 weeks 234 respondents took part and the importance of different services were weighed against one other.