Wels CampusEngineering



  • conduction of idea and creativity workshops
  • ideation for products and services
  • development of "business innovations"
  • conduction of strategy workshops
  • conduction of online-based idea campaigns


  • trend-based idea generation
  • creativity support tools
  • lead user workshop
  • multimedia focus groups
  • web-based innovation platforms

Reference Projects

Regeneration using the sprint>multitouch-wall

Customer: VIKING GmbH | Kufstein (A)
Product: motorised garden tools
Objective: generating ideas in a creative workshop
Year: 2011
Methods: advanced and modular creativity methods 

Through this workshop not only different creative methods were used, additionally the idea generation process got supported by the usage of visualization software, interactive media and visual stimuli. Because of the multimedia implementation on the sprint> multi-touch wall, 67 problem areas of gardening got identified and through a variety of creativity methods, 324 radical and incremental product ideas were generated by the team.