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Competence Center for the front-end of innovation

To assure a permanent success and a long-term existence of a company, innovations have become more and more important. However, an environment marked by an increasing dynamic and complexity reduces the company’s ability to innovate and to market those innovations successfully.

The early stages, starting with strategy and ideas up to the concept phase, have a central leverage effect on the success of an innovation project. To maximize this performance of the "front-end of innovation", a goal-oriented and systematic approach is needed.

This is where the new research and transfer center at the University of Applied Sciences Wels is positioned. sprint> combines the research activities of the innovation and product management degree course. sprint> is relying on a systematic utilization of advanced methods and tools to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the early phases of innovation.

sprint> maps the areas of expertise along the entire front end process, which are reflected by the following four areas:

sprint>research – modern methods of market research and innovation research;
sprint>lab – ideation and creativity workshops;
sprint>design – design concepts and workshops plus
sprint>tec – engineering methods for the early phases.

We offer customized solutions that meet the needs of our partners and their customers in practice and research. For this our work is based on the combination of an expert network, a substantiated methodological competence using virtual reality technologies, a platform for continuous exchange of experience and knowledge as well as interactive technology.