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Theoprax: Mastering (agile) Innovation Management at VALEO

  Students of the degree programs AMM, IPM and MEWI have the opportunity to get insights on special topics from experts of different companies. ‘Theoprax at Audimax’ is a series of lectures and presents examples on best practices on a regularly base. On 13th June 2019 Dr. Mario Kolar – Research & Innovation Program Manager at VALEO – gave intense insights into VALEOs innovation…  Read more

Publication achieved significant benchmark in Dissemination

  The book "Innovation and Product Management: A Holistic and Practical Approach to Uncertainty Reduction", published in 2015 by the authors Kurt Gaubinger (Head of Studies MEWI & AMM; University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria), Michael Rabl (Head of Studies IPM; University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria), Scott W. Swan(Professor, College of William and Mary) and Thomas…  Read more

IPM students worked on design projects at our partner university in Lahti/Finland.

  Interdisciplinary design projects are a central component of the Product Concept Design specialization of the Master's degree programme "Innovation and Product Management". Already during their studies students learn to work on real design challenges. Beyond that, the IPM programme strives to provide its students with an international environment, e.g. through experiences…  Read more

IPM lecturer taught as a visiting lecturer at the Riga Business School

  Organisational Behaviour Grand Slam is the final and definitive experience for students of Riga Business School. Students are exposed to a challenging task and have to apply skills learned in the Organisational Behaviour course. This year Kristiana Roth was invited as a guest lecturer to hold the Organisational Behaviour Grand Slam and challenge students with design thinking…  Read more

IPM intensifies Design cooperation with Finish partner university in Lahti

  The Master’s degree programme IPM strives to provide its students with an international environment already during their studies, e.g. through experiences abroad during their studies, or through Internationalization@Home. In order to further expand this offer, and as part of the further intensification of the cooperation with the degree program Innovation and Product…  Read more

IPM-Professor taught as a visiting professor in Finland.

  From February to June 2018, IPM-professor Dr. Markus Kretschmer taught as a visiting professor at the design department of our partner university in Lahti/Finland. Since internationalization is a strategic goal for both partner universities, one of the main reasons for the stay was the deepening of cooperation. Finland has an internationally highly respected, and at the same…  Read more

IPM welcomes the new master students!

  Once again the Innovation and Product Management (IPM) master’s programme continues to gain international recognition. This programme was the initial English taught FH OÖ Wels master's degree programme to be established and year after year it continues to thrive. 24 students from more than 300 candidates have been selected for this master's degree program; half of these…  Read more

IPM students at the International Smart Service Design School 2018

  IPM Master students participated in the International Smart Service Design School 2018, which took place in early September in Hochschule Luzern, Switzerland. The participants’ objective was to design a smart service for the coffee machines, produced by an industrial partner, which was the Swiss company Franke. The process of preparation of such services required not only…  Read more

IPM presented quantitative evidence on design thinking’s effects in educational settings at the ISPIM conference in Boston

  It is hard to find a successful company that does not in some form apply design thinking. Marriott, Infosys, Airbnb, General Electric, Philips and many others have joined the canonical list of design thinking protagonists. For some it might be just a label – a buzzword borrowed from the popular management literature. For others, however, it is not only a collection of tools,…  Read more

IPM students at the Innovation Week

  From 19.02. till 23.02.2018. the Innovation Week in the co-working space of Factory300 took place. Last week eight IPM students joined 23 of their colleagues from other study programs of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria for a one-week long workshop with the aim to develop innovative solutions for real-world problem statements. Already for the third year the…  Read more

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