Industry Cooperation

Cooperation with key local and global industry players is one of the cornerstones of this program. Industry partners are involved in curriculum development, lectures, student projects and internships, as well as R&D projects. This allows us to offer a program that is tailored made to your future employer’s needs and combine academic knowledge with practical training. 

Student internships

Internship provides you with an opportunity to put your knowledge into practice once again and test which future career path is best suited to you. Take a look at what some of our best students have achieved during their internships.

Student: Maria Jose Molina Bravo MSc
Company: Greiner Technology & Innovation
Internship goal: Analysis of corporate foresight in Austrian B2B companies


Student: Sophie Binder BSc MSc
Company: Fill GmbH
Internship goal: Analysis of the effects of digitisation on the innovation behaviour of Austrian companies

R&D projects

Students have the opportunity to pursue an academic career by accompanying our professors in their research activities. Our current projects focus on identification of new business opportunities for industry partners, researching the effects of design thinking in the aviation industry, developing future scenarios for future value network and development of new adaptative production concepts.