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Powering Your Future!

New technologies such as electric cars or renewable and ecological power supply systems require fundamental research in electrical (energy) engineering. DC grids (used in batteries, hydrogen systems, or to distribute and transport electrical energy), and power electronics are the latest technologies aiming to provide a green and environmentally-friendly energy supply. Introducing SMART technology into our power supply reduces costs as well as increasing reliability and accessibility for the end-consumer. This programme will educate the experts needed to make electrical energy supply sustainable and future-proof. They will be pioneering the future!

Our students spend over 50% of class time in labs and skill practice classes, preparing them for hands-on application of their acquired theoretical knowledge. Additionally a strong cooperation with local industry enables our students to obtain real-world experience during their project work and internship.  In Semester 3, students begin to focus on their specialty in their project work and continue to increase their competency while working on their Master thesis in Semester 4. 

Students are also invited to join in R&D activities at the University. Electrical storage systems, PV systems, e-mobility, power electronics, high voltage and high current engineering, switching devices and lightning protection are a few examples of the areas of principle interest. Our modern high voltage and high current lab provides an optimal research environment, equipped with excellent diagnostic tools, including high speed cameras and plasma spectroscopy. 


Benefits that await you:

  • High percentage of hands-on labs and skill practice classes
  • Close contact to industry
    • Part-time teachers
    • Projects and internship in industry during the 3rd – 4th semesters
  • Become part of our network of international alumni
    • Life-long contacts with your international colleagues
    • Electrical Engineering becomes your life-long home, with life-long friendships