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Theoprax: Mastering (agile) Innovation Management at VALEO

Students of the degree programs AMM, IPM and MEWI have the opportunity to get insights on special topics from experts of different companies. ‘Theoprax at Audimax’ is a series of lectures and presents examples on best practices on a regularly base. On 13th June 2019 Dr. Mario Kolar – Research & Innovation Program Manager at VALEO – gave intense insights into VALEOs innovation approach.

VALEO is global automotive supplier and partner to automakers worldwide. The company employs more than 111,600 people and has an annual turnover of over 18 billion euros.

The Group’s innovation strategy, aimed at reducing CO₂ emissions and developing intuitive operation, has enabled it to anticipate new market demands and strengthen its profitable growth momentum.

In this context, Dr. Kolar sensitized the present students at the beginning of his lecture to the great challenges and trends that the automotive industry is currently facing. He pointed out, for example, that by 2030 60% of all new will be sold in Asia, that over 200 new e-vehicles will be introduced in the next three years and that shared mobility concepts have annual growth rates above 30%. According to Kolar, it is essential for companies in such a VUCA world to act faster and more efficiently in view of these changes. In this context Dr. Kolar pointed out the importance of agile innovation methods and explained in great detail the "VALEO Incubator Concept" and the agile project methods applied therein. In addition, he showed based on the research project "VALEO Smart Cocoon Project" how a company efficiently implements a comprehensive user centric design approach.

"It is always valuable when leading companies of the automotive industry give our students such detailed insights into their innovation processes," FH-Prof. Dr. Kurt Gaubinger summed up at the end of the event and thanked Dr. Kolar warmly for his commitment.

Dr. Mario Kolar (in the center) with the students