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AMM-Team has won the Video Competition within the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2018

A highly-motivated team from the young master's degree program, Automotive Mechatronics and Management (AMM), has won the Video Challenge within the Audi Autonomous Driving Cups due to its innovative approach.

The aim of the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup (AADC) is the development of fully automatic driving functions and the necessary software architectures. As part of this challenge, teams are developing systems with which they compete against each other on a course as well as in an "Open Challenge" ( www.audi-autonomous-driving-cup.com ).  

This year Audi announced a specific Video Competition within the AADC Challenge for the first time. The aim of this competition was to mainly see the progress of each team in a creative and extraordinary way. Despite the complexity and the quality of the presented car maneuvers, the storytelling was an important criteria for the jury.

The highly-motivated A(MM)-Team was made up of students of five countries and faced the challenge: Max Trenker (D), Dave D`Sa (NZD), Kory O´Connor (USA), Swapnil Vaida (IND), Ahmed Abdelaty (EGT), Kishan Shantigram Mohan and Sprince Jeberson (IND). A total of 16 teams submitted their videos and the expert jury ranked the contributions of the AMM team on place 1.

AMM video 1: The first video presents the so called basic manoeuvres like right and left turns, exiting a parking spot, taking a curve and driving at least for one meter straight. The A(MM)-Team made a good impression by the jury with showing their birds-eye view lane detection and the proper working of the emergency brake wrapped into a nice story with some funny elements.  


AMM video 2: The second video challenge had the main focus on artificial intelligence. The content was to recognize whether an emergency vehicle is active or not and to give way to an active emergency vehicle. By taking in total more then 12.000 pictures with active and inactive sirens, among other things, the team could train a neural network to solve the above stated challenges.   


The team was awarded within the event. As reward the team won an Audi watch and the unique opportunity to experience the unreleased Audi Q7 e-tron on the Audi´s own test site next to Ingolstadt as copilots. Besides the highspeed and dynamics track, where usually the Audi DTM cars are tested, the Q7 e-tron had so show its performance on the off-road parkour as well. Driving up a 55% steep slope or going down the “corkscrew” are experiences the team will not forget so quickly and were worth all the night and weekend shifts during the summer.

"The team worked hard on this competition during the summer and also during many night and weekend shifts. I am very happy that this effort was rewarded. It's great to have such highly motivated students in the program”, FH-Prof. Dr. Kurt Gaubinger sums up proudly.

Source: The A(MM)-team 2018 in Ingolstadt (© Audi 2018)