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AMM Students put e-vehicles through their paces

E-mobility is a huge topic in research, politics, and daily life, but it still remains that few people actually have experience with electric vehicles. The government of Lower Austria is attempting to change that by hosting annual event to promote E-Mobility not only in Lower Austria, but also in greater Austria as a whole.

The “E-Mobilitätstag”, held on May25th at the closed-circuit Wachauring in Melk, hosted 8.000 visitors, including a group of AMM students. On offer were  electric vehicles of every type ranging from hover-boards and scooters, mountain and cargo bikes, a 50cc-equivalent motorcycle, and over 50 different electric passenger cars from the Tesla Model S to the Renault Zoe.

Although all the electric test-drives were interesting, the vehicles that stood out the most to the visiting students were the passenger vans. Typically overlooked by consumers, commercial vehicles make up a substantial portion of vehicle sales. The students were particularly impressed by the handling abilities of the electric passenger vans, which handle much better than their ICE counterparts due to a much lower center of mass compliments of the battery packs placed low in the floor.

“The zero-emission future may not be here yet, but AMM students at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria are poised to accelerate that future”, AMM student Joshua Soucie sums up confidently.


AMM student Ameya Bhusari in test mode (Source: Joshua Soucie) and some impressions (source: www.enu.at)