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AMM Student won MIBA Innovation Challenge Competition

The Miba Innovation Challenge Days is an event series designed for students and young professionals to work on exciting topics determining a successful future. This year's Innovation Challenge focused on essential trends that influence the future of the mobility industry. AMM student Kishan Shantigrama Mohan participated in this Challenge and and won the first prize in the competition.



The Miba Innovation Challenge is aimed for students and young professionals to work on exciting topics determining a successful future where this year's focus was on eMobility. Kishan Shantigrama Mohan, a fourth semester AMM student, participated in this year challenge in June and gave a funded presentation of the state of the art and trends in e-mobility technologies and the resulting challenges for industry and society out of this. The judging panel which included the top management from the Miba group was excited about the quality and scope of Kishan´s presentation and chose him as the winner of the event. In addition to the award ceremony, which was held by the MIBA´s CEO Franz Peter Mitterbauer himself, Kishan Shantigrama Mohan won the attractive main prize, a flight to Oxford (England) and back, as well as a one day tour through the Headquarters of NIO´s Formula E team to get insights on their current eMobility initiatives. Miba being one of the main sponsors and partners of NIO's Formula-E team.
Therby Kishan Shantigrama Mohan spent nearly 2.5 hours with the Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) testing team and the engineers were amazing in guiding him to drive their Formula-E car in the simulator and set good lap-times on the Mexican and Monaco circuits. Additional he had the opportunity to meet the CAE and CFD teams designing NIO's next generation electric vehicles. “It was great to see all the teams work side by side and develop an entire electric vehicle under the same roof and I would like to thank MIBA for such an opportunity. This victory also shows that the interdisciplinary approach of the AMM program is aimed precisely at the skills that will be needed in tomorrow's mobility industry”, Kishan Shantigrama Mohan adds up this event.

Miba's CEO Franz Peter Mitterbauer presents the winning certificate and Kishan Shantigrama Mohan in the NIO´s Formula E Simulator.