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AMM student acted as an organizer and expert judge at this year's Enduro Student India

AMM student Ameya Bhusari was invited at this year’s Enduro Student India, a competition where teams of students from universities all over the world design, build and race small off-road cars an compete against each other in the harshest terrain.


Enduro Student India is an intercollegiate design competition based on the BAJA SAE competition. It is a competition where teams of students from universities all over the world design, build and race small off-road cars. The cars all have engines of the same specifications i.e. a Briggs and Stratton 305cc engine with a power output of approximately 10HP. All cars must adhere to SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) rules (a rulebook is shared with all the teams before they start designing the vehicle), and pass the Technical Inspection and Safety Scrutiny. No car is allowed to race without passing the technical inspection.

The students compete against each other in multiple static and dynamic events wherein expert judges from different companies and universities evaluate the design methodology, processes and output of all the teams and points are scored on the basis of design. Ameya Bhusari, studying AMM in the second semester and who holds an Bachelor´s degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked at Tata Technologies Ltd. as an design engineer before he came to Austria, was invited from BAJA SAE this year to act as one of these expert judges. Other static events are namely the Design Validation event, Cost Event and Business Case event where the respective aspects of the vehicle are evaluated. Required reports detail the engineering and design process that was used in developing each system of the team’s vehicle, supported with sound engineering principles.

The dynamic events are designed to test a particular aspect of the vehicle performance. This year an Acceleration and Manoeuvrability event designed to test the acceleration and slow speed cornering of the vehicle was in the focus. In addition to the above events there are two more events namely Sprint and Dirt-X to ascertain high speed cornering ability and suspension effectiveness of the vehicles respectively. The event culminates in an Endurance race of four hour duration, where the team completing maximum number of laps is scored the maximum points. Endurance mainly checks the working capacity of the vehicle. This year, a welcome addition was the presence of E-vehicles along with the normal combustion engine vehicles. The total number of teams participating in the event was 80 among which 7 were E-Baja vehicles.

"It's great that our AMM program attracts so many students from all continents and that many of our highly motivated students, such as Ameya, are highly active also besides their studies”, FH-Prof. Dr. Kurt Gaubinger sums up proudly.

Source: Impressions from Enduro Student India (© Ameya Bhusari, AMM 2018)