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Industry Cooperation

The basis for the practice orientation of the program is on the one hand found in the structure of the curriculum which has a relatively large number of integrated and practical courses and on the other hand in the close cooperation of the program Automotive Mechatronics and Management with selected companies of the automotive industry. This cooperation aims at effective and efficient dovetailing of the program with company practice and enables a course of study in which practice is integrated. Cooperation Agreements have been arranged with leading companies in the automotive industry, e.g

These agreements regulate how students can pursue specialist part-time work in a (partner) company during their studies. Thus there is the possibility for students to work for a partner company of the degree program for 18 months (2nd to 4th semester) and do the projects built into the curriculum (Company Project in Semester 2, R&D Project in Semester 3, Master’s Thesis in Semester 4 at work, based on company-relevant tasks. These projects must be well-matched and correspond to the qualification profile of the degree program. To guarantee they can be done there will be no university courses on Mondays and Tuesdays from the second semester onwards so that students can work on their projects in their companies. The conditions of  employment will be defined in a bilateral contract between each student and the company. 

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