Wels CampusEngineering

Future Career

Due to their broad knowledge graduates can be involved in the design and validation of mechatronic systems in development projects as engineering experts or as project managers. Typical career positions: 

  • Project Leadership and Project Management in the field of product development of mechatronic systems with a combination of engineering and economics tasks (e.g. investigation of requirements and drawing up of technical specifications and contracts, technical and economic coordination of the project team, obtaining and evaluating orders etc.)
  • Development Engineer for Mechatronic Systems mainly in the fields of system design (establishment of the essential physical and logical effects of the future product in the form of an interdisciplinary solution concept), system integration (integration of the results of the individual domains to a whole system) and   verification and validation (matching of the achieved system characteristics to the system design) 
  • Automotive Quality Management: in this position graduates are responsible for drawing up quality plans in cooperation with the responsible departments, moderating FMEAs and other quality methods, carry out initial samplings on both the supplier and the customer side and supervise the transfer to series production of mechatronic systems.
  • Self-employed entrepreneur in the field of Mechatronics focusing on the design and validation of mechatronic systems or in the field of Quality Management.



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