Wels CampusEngineering

Students project

Students of the bachelor’s degree programme Food Technology and Nutrition worked in their interdisciplinary project on the Moldova project.

The following topics have been covered:

  1. cultivation conditions
    • soil conditions
    • soil preparation
    • seed requirements and sowing
    • water requirement
    • harvesting time
    • drying conditions
    • storage
    •  pests
  2. requirements for the drying plant
    • energy demand
    • organic certification
  3. quality assurance
    • requirements and equipment of a laboratory
    • possibilities to determine and control specifications
    • analytical methods for determine moisture and pesticide content

Additionally, two students went to Moldova and created a quality management system which is going to be optimized in further student projects. The documents and forms should help to implement the quality management system and make selling the products on the European market possible.

Further refinement of the planted herbs is planned as a future student project too.