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Developing the Food of the Future!

Food of the future should be of high quality, contribute to people's health and at the same time be produced sustainably. You’ll acquire a good understanding of nutrition as well as scientific and technical background of food production. This solid scientific basis will enable you to develop healthy and sustainable food – which will play a key role in our future!

NEW: Study Green Science - 2 years in English, 2 years in German language

In our internationally-accessible Green Science degree programmes "Agricultural Technology and Management", "Bio and Environmental Technology" and "Food technology and Nutrition" you will get knowledge in science and engineering - all this in just 4 years with employment opportunities in Europe and beyond.

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Key Facts

Our graduates lead, secure, develop and improve the production of food with nutritional and food regulations in mind. During their studies, they gathered expertise in research and development of new foods and all aspects of quality management in the entire food sector. Their knowledge in the field of nutrition and resource features enables our graduates to become key consultants for both product development as well as the marketing department.

  • Degree

    Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc)

  • Language

    Semester 1 - 2: courses are offered in English and German, German immersion programme in preparation for 2nd year
    Semester 3 - 6: 100 % German

  • Green Science

    In just 4 years employment opportunities in Europe and beyond.
    Green Science degree programmes: "International Foundation Programme", "Agricultural Technology and Management", "Bio and Environmental Technology" and "Food technology and Nutrition"
    Language: English and German
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  • Admission procedure


  • Tuition fees

    Information about tuition fees and ÖH contribution

  • Duration

    6 semesters 

  • ECTS


  • Application

    Application deadline online by 30.06.2024 at the latest 

  • Admission requirements

    Higher Education
    Entrance Qualification (e.g. Matura/Abitur, UAS Study Preparatory Programme, University Entrance Examination, etc.)

  • Related Master's Degree Programme

    Food Technology and Nutrition


After graduation?

A career in food technology reaches into a multitude of scientific areas, ensuring a wide variety of employment. Our graduates are in great demand to create healthy products at competitive prices while protecting our natural resources at the highest possible quality standards. The program is perfect for people who are looking for flexibility in their job while open to new challenges.

From theory into practice

We pride ourselves with offering hands-on research in food technology and nutritional science. We have a strong focus on the research of characterization of food composition, especially in fruits and vegetables. Our investigations uncover the preventative medicinal effects of fruits and vegetables at a molecular level using modern methods of microbiology, cell biology and biophysics. In further clinical studies, the research focuses on the nutritional effects.