Wels CampusEngineering


Entrance Requirements

  • A-level/high school diploma or equivalent
  • All courses are taught in English; therefore a very strong understanding of the English language is absolutely necessary due to the theoretical and technical nature of the course material

Applicants with Secondary School Certificates (or SBL Certificate from FH OÖ) from an EU country: no English Certificate necessary if English is subject on the Secondary School Certificate!

Applicants with Secondary School Certificates from a non-EU country: recognised English certification (TOEFL IbT preferred , IELTS) is required for the application - min 6.0 for IELTS/min. 78 points for TOEFL.

** Although there are no technical prerequisites, you should have an interest in natural sciences and intercultural teamwork.

For international applicants

Please check on Anabin if your Secondary School Certificate allows you a direct admission for our Bachelor's programme. The webpage is in German but underneath you will find instructions how to find the necessary information.

  • Visit the webpage http://anabin.kmk.org/anabin-datenbank.html
  • Click "Schulabschlüsse mit Hochschulzugang" (Secondary School Leaving Certificate with University Admission)
  • Then click "Suchen" and look for the country in which your Certificate was issued
  • Look for your Secondary School Certificate. In the pop-up window you are finding now the evaluation of your qualifications. Please especially take a look at the point "Direkter Zugang". The information will tell you if your Secondary School Certificate allows you to start directly with our Bachelor's programme or if there are other requirements necessary.