Wels CampusEngineering

Qualification / Future Career

Competency Development

Throughout the programme, you, the student, will gain a fundamental understanding in electrical energy systems. You will also develop other skills that employers are looking for. You will gain an understanding in:

  • Development, operation maintenance, commissiong and technical assistence of sales departments for electrical apparatus and systems
  • International teamwork and intercultural development
  • English skills, both written and verbal
  • Social skills 

What Can You Do After Graduation?

  • Design and development of electrical apparatus
  • Design and projection of electrical facilities and systems
  • Support of technical sales and innovation managements
  • (International) project management
    • R&D
    • Manufacturing
    • Planning
    • Construction
    • Commissioning
    • Maintenance of electrical facilities, systems and apparatus
  • Operation and maintenance of electrical apparatus and facilities
  • Commissioning of electrical apparatus and facilities