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Agricultural education with management & technical know-how Bachelor's degree programme

The agricultural sector is in upheaval. The trend towards sustainable, ecological production and the increasing societal interest in the origin of food products are causing far-reaching changes in the agricultural sector. Intelligent robot technology, smartphones and satellite control enable us to use our resources for agricultural production efficiently. Efficient product marketing, yield optimisation, animal health, food quality and sustainability form the focus of this study programme. Graduates therefore combine technical and economic knowledge that qualifies them to make agricultural companies as well as those in the food and agricultural technology sectors better able to compete internationally.

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NEW: Study Green Science - 2 years in English, 2 years in German language

In our internationally-accessible Green Science degree programmes "Agricultural Technology and Management", "Bio and Environmental Technology" and "Food technology and Nutrition" you will get knowledge in science and engineering - all this in just 4 years with employment opportunities in Europe and beyond.

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Key Facts

  • Mode of study


  • Degree

    Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc)

  • Language of tuition

    Semester 1 - 2: courses are offered in English and German, German immersion programme in preparation for 2nd year
    Semester 3 - 6: 100 % German

  • Green Science

    In just 4 years employment opportunities in Europe and beyond.
    Green Science degree programmes: "International Foundation Programme", "Agricultural Technology and Management", "Bio and Environmental Technology" and "Food technology and Nutrition"
    Language: English and German
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  • Tuition fees

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  • Duration

    6 semesters

  • ECTS


  • Application

    Application for the year 2024/25 online until 30.06.2024

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    Agricultural Management and Innovations


Career Opportunities

Farm management: be your own farm management consultant and operate your farm with maximum efficiency and profit;

Agribusiness management: apply your business skills in areas such as marketing, finance, economics and management in the agricultural sector (or on your own farm);

Industries allied to crop and animal production: common areas of employment are product development, distribution and sales;

Technical consultancy: apply your skills as an extension specialist or field consultant;

Marketing & Innovation: analyze consumer trends and bring agricultural innovations to life;

Research & Development: design, plan, and build environmentally impactful solutions and shape the future of farming;

Agricultural journalism & communication: report news and information about the food system from “farm to fork” spanning the interests of farmers, multinational agribusinesses, and consumers;

Be your own boss: start your own business (and we support you with your endeavor).


The bachelor programme Agricultural Technology and -Management is unique in Austria. Students will gain transferable knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • agricultural engineering
  • agribusiness
  • agricultural sciences

A practical approach

In addition to field days, excursions and numerous interdisciplinary projects, numerous lecturers from the agricultural and food industry bring current knowledge to the lecture hall. In addition, we offer a wide range of free subjects to give interested students a targeted insight into certain topics.

Agricultural Engineering
Agricultural Sciences
Soft Skills
Bachelor thesis and internships
? Did you know that

... The term “agricultural technology” means machinery and other equipment engineered for an applicable and novel use in agriculture, natural resources, and food relating to the research and development of qualified products and projects. Many of the new agricultural technologies are particularly soil-conserving, resource-efficient and climate-friendly.


Agricultural Technology and Management