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Padel tennis

Looking for some Padel Tennis experience? The five practices in the beginning include a Trainer who is going to introduce the sport to all of you. You`ll learn the main techniques, so you`ll be able to play some competitive games against each other. Join our class to have some fun and get to know the new trend sport Padel Tennis.

Additional information: The equipment (rackets + balls) as well as the place rental are included in the course. The first 5 trainings take place with trainer! All other units: independent play.

Training: Service (serve technique + direction), return, basic strokes (forehand/backhand), striking techniques (unit grip, slice, ...), gang play (legwork, body rotation, timing), net play (forehand/backhand volleys, smash, bandeja)

Invitation Free-Trial-Training Padel Tennis
Termin: 15.03.2022
Zeit: 18:00 – 19:30 Uhr
Ort: PADELZONE ASKÖ Wels, Pulverturmstraße 7, 4600 Wels

  •     Organizer: FH OÖ Sports Team
  •     Trainer: Raphael Meier/Marc Kluft
  •     Location: Padelzone Wels Rosenau - Pulverturmstraße 7, 4600 Wels
  •     Period: 22.03. - 31.05.2022
  •     If a unit is cancelled, it will be made up afterwards - 10 units fixed!
  •     Weekday: Tuesday
  •     Time of day: 18:00 - 19:30
  •     Duration of the unit: 90 minutes
  •     Minimum number of participants*: 8
  •     Semester fee for students € 69
  •     Semester fee for staff and graduates € 85

Cancellation fee:

  •     Cancellation free of charge up to 2 weeks before the start of the course
  •     Subsequent cancellation fee 100 % of the course fee

Covid19 note: We do everything we can to ensure that the FH sports programme can be carried out safely.
Here you can find a Covid19 security concept. All registered participants will receive this information by email in time.

Note for FH students/employees: Please register with the FH email address

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