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Running technique training

After the joint warm up a detailed technique training follows. The aim is to correct mistakes and deficits and to improve the running style through various exercises. The running training is rounded off by a stretching program especially for runners.

Contents Practical running technique: Correct warming up, forefoot running, midfoot running, heel running, running technique training (running ABC), "frequency training" increases the running speed, HIIT intervals, stabilization training - torso stability improves the running style, special stretching for runners.

  •     Trainer: Teresa Wimmer
  •     Meeting point: Main entrance FH Upper Austria Wels Campus section A (later Mauthstadion Wels)
  •     Period: 16 October - 27 November 2019
  •     Weekday: Wednesday
  •     Time: 17:00 - 18:00 o'clock
  •     Units: 7 units
  •     Unit duration: 60 min
  •     Minimum number of participants: 8
  •     No liability for accidents
  •     Semester fee: € 49 (€ 7 / unit)

Registration deadline: 14.10.2019
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