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FH Volleyball League

The 1st FH Volleyball League will take place in the winter semester 2019/2020 in the sports halls of the BRG Schauerstraße and BRG Brucknerstaße. Up to 8 teams have the chance to prove their team strength weekly and to score against other students & lecturers teams.

Teams consist of 5 players. Every week, points can be scored by winning sets and games, which are recorded in a table. The winning teams will receive attractive prizes for the entire team.

Game Mode

  •     5 against 5 players
  •     Max. 1 hour playing time
  •     The game is played on 2 won sets, each up to 25 with a difference of 2 points.
  •     8 teams in a grid of 8
  •     With first and second round
  •     Organizer: FH Upper Austria Sports Team
  •     Eligible to play: FH Upper Austria students, FH Upper Austria employees, FH Upper Austria graduates
  •     Mixed-Teams: At least 1 woman per team
  •     8 players can (should) be named per team: 5 players + 3 alternate players
  •     Minimum number of participants: 4 teams
  •     Match management by referee on site
  •     No liability for accidents
  •     Location: sports hall BRG Schauerstraße and BRG Brucknerstraße parallel
  •     Weekday: Wednesday
  •     League start: 16 October 2019
  •     League end: 21 January 2020
  •     Seasons: 20:00 - 22:00 o'clock
  •     Semester fee: € 400 per team (i.e. € 50 / player with 8 team members)

Registration deadline: 14.10.2019
Information for FH students/employees: Please register with the FH e-mail address

Please use the registration form on the German page: >> Registration