Master Engineering Excellence in Europe

We offer excellent education – and beyond! With our 100% English taught Master Engineering Excellence in Europe (ME³) package, you will not only receive cutting-edge academic knowledge but you will also gain practical experience, build a network of international experts and find a pathway into the European job market. Check it out now!

Master's Degree: Upgrade your Skills

What’s the benefit of a Master’s degree? While you gain broad education in your undergraduate studies, a Master’s degree will allow you to specialize in a specific field and, at the same time, develop your transfer capabilities – enabling you to work in multidisciplinary teams and management positions. Especially with a few years of working experience, a Master’s degree will make a difference and open up a whole new dimension of possibilities in your professional life!

Our Master’s degrees follow the European Bologna system, are practice-oriented, internationally recognized and accredited by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria.

  • MSc in Engineering: Automotive Mechatronics & Management (AMM)
  • MSc in Engineering: Electrical Engineering (EE)
  • MSc in Engineering: Innovation and Product Management (IPM)
  • MSc in Engineering: Sustainable Energy Systems (SES)

Engineering - a Future Profession

In today’s dynamic, interrelated and fast developing world we face many exciting opportunities, most of which are only possible because of and greatly supported by engineering – think of global communication, new technologies, products and services as well as disruptive business models. At the same time, many global challenges such as climate change, waste dumping or industry pollution are still increasing but can be tackled through engineering solutions. Be part of the future and help global change happen!

With our international engineering majors in Automotive Mechatronics, Innovation, Sustainable Energy and Electrical Engineering, you’ll broaden your specialized engineering knowledge, focus on sustainability and digitalization and enhance your intercultural skills. At master’s level you develop transfer capabilities which will qualify you for management positions in your area of expertise.

Excellence - Applied and Hands-On

For us, excellence means that our graduates are equipped with all the required knowledge and skills to excel in their professional life – right upon graduation. Therefore, our education does not only provide cutting-edge academic contents but also practical experience already as part of the studies. Expert lecturers, laboratory classes, small groups and interdisciplinary (company) projects are only some of our key features and lead to an employment rate of 99%.

Join extracurricular initiatives such as the Innovation Week, the Techatron or the European Innovation Academy to broaden your horizon and gain hands-on experience that will make the difference in the job market. Together with advanced German skills, our European focus including courses such as Legal Environment in Europe, International Business and Entrepreneurship or Digitalization and Sustainability in Europe will prepare you for a European work environment.

Austria: in the Heart of Europe

Austria (not Australia!), the country of Mozart, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the “Sound of Music”; skiing nation and home to the famous Sacher chocolate cake. But also a central European hub, a geographical, economic and cultural bridge between East and West in Europe! A small but dynamic country with a thriving economy and innovation and technology leader in many areas. An attractive region seeking engineering talent. Your education destination and the starting point of your career!

The central location in Europe allows close cooperation with European partners and excursions to close-by companies and landmarks. Our European Study FieldTrip after your first year features company visits, exhibitions and major specific points of interests in Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy.

Wels: a Student City

Wels is a city situated right in the center of Austria (between Salzburg and Vienna), a dynamic economic location with a rich culture, leisure facilities and great transportation infrastructure. The Wels Castle and the baroque town hall are visible signs of a 2,000 years history.

When the weather warms, the center comes alive with open-air concerts, film festivals and markets. Also in winter there are plenty opportunities: skiing, snow shoe hiking or ice skating. The innovative economic strength of small and medium-sized enterprises in the greater metropolitan area is recognized internationally and forms a basis for industry cooperation.

Useful Information

Interested? Great!! Secure your place now to join us in September.
You can submit your application online via Formally, you can apply for up to two of the following Master's degree programmes:
•    MSc in Engineering: Automotive Mechatronics & Management (AMM)
•    MSc in Engineering: Electrical Engineering (EE)
•    MSc in Engineering: Innovation and Product Management (IPM)
•    MSc in Engineering: Sustainable Energy Systems (SES)


Our candidates have completed an Engineering related Bachelor’s degree of 180 ECTS (or equivalent) at an Austrian or international higher education institution, recognized in Austria. Different majors require different pre-requisites in their according fields.

Work experience is not required but can be a bonus.

German language skills at A1 level are a basic requirement for successful integration and practical experience.

For detailed information regarding the application process kindly refer to our International Application Page.

Practical Considerations

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria charges the following tuition fees for Master's degree programmes:

  • EU/EEA citizens: € 363.36 per semester (plus Austrian Student Union fee approx. € 20)
  • Citizens from non-EU/EEA countries: € 726.72 per semester (plus Austrian Student Union fee approx. € 20)

Please check further information on living expenses and more on our Useful Information page.

Third country (non-EU/EEA) citizens will require a visa to travel to and a student residence permit to study in Austria. Kindly check the latest regulations at


Our School of Engineering student ambassadors will be happy to answer any practical questions regarding the application process, their own experience or student life in general.

Our FAQ page will answer any remaining questions!

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