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Wels has 2 student residences, both located at less than 10 minutes walking distance from the campus.

Georg Oberhaidinger Haus Wels
additional information for Exchange Students (incl. prices)

additional information for Exchange Students (incl. prices)

Upon request - by filling in the Accommodation form - the International Office can make a room reservation in one of the student residences for exchange students only.
Room allocation is proceeded on a first come first serve basis. All applicants who submit their form after the general application deadlines can only be put on the waiting list and should therefore consider to search for housing possibilities themselves.

Please consider that each student residence has limited check in times:
Kolpingheim Wels
Monday- Friday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Georg Oberhaidinger Haus Wels
Monday- Friday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Also note that check-in is not possible during weekends and holidays!

Another possibility is to find accommodation in a private apartment/flat on an individual basis or sharing with other students. In general there is an abundance of accommodation of all kinds around town and in the nearby city of Linz. Wels Campus can be reached within 15-30 min due to an excellent train connection between Linz and Wels.

Private room-offers can be found on the Facebook platform FH Wels Talk . Please note that the International Office is not responsible for any private housing arrangements made with students or landlords. Please also understand that we cannot provide any further assistance for private house-hunting

Exchange students who need a visa for Austria are advised NOT to seek private accommodation, because you will need to present a rental contract or confirmation from an official student residence in order to apply for your visa!

Wels also has a youth hostel in the old Hotel Greif, where you might be able to stay the first days after your arrival. Please make sure you check the availability, as it is often booked out for whole groups, especially on weekends.
More information at
http://www.wels.at/welsmarketing/tourismus/hotels/weitere-unterkuenfte/oesterreich/unterkunft/430018173/greif-die-herberge.html .