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Guidelines PBB und OTSpecific guidelines for individual laboratories

PBB (Laboratory for Plasma Treatment and Coating)

Working with the plasma system is only permitted after instruction and under the supervision of a main user (Dr. Forsich, Dr. Home) done. 
The covers of electrical components and equipment must be kept closed at all times. 
Manipulation of the system may be performed only in the presence of a main user. 
The use of gas and precursors has to be carried out with the utmost care. Explosive gases must be stored in closed cabinets and all other gas cylinders properly secured. 
Before operation it must be checked whether the process gas extractor is on. It must also be checked at regular intervals that it is operating. If the extractor fails the flow of process gases must be prevented. 
When operating the hoist/lifting device, make sure that the hood does not touch the ceiling and that when closing the facility no person or objects are jammed/trapped in it . 
In case of danger to persons or equipment the EMERGENCY STOP on the cabinet door shall be operated. Before operating the system each user must know the location of the emergency shutdown switch.

OT (Laboratory for Surface Technology)

When performing dangerous work (handling chemicals or etching solutions, ...) always wear protective eyewear. Moreover, appropriate protective clothing and footwear must be worn. 
The labeling requirement applies to the storage of chemicals in appropriate glassware for the duration of the experiment. It must be clearly visible which specific substance is involved and who is using the substance in (name, labelling date, ...).