Wels CampusEngineering

Guidelines MET, MECHSpecific guidelines for individual laboratories

MET (Laboratory for Metallography)

During dangerous work (handling chemicals or etching solutions,...) protective eyewear and appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn. 
The labeling requirement applies to the storage of chemicals in appropriate glassware for the duration of the experiment. It must be clearly visible which specific substance is involved and who is using it (name, start date, ...).

MECH (Laboratory for Mechanical MaterialsTesting)

When working with the tensile tester there is an increased risk of accidents by crushing. The operation of the machine and the loading of the samples should only be done by one person.When working with the pendulum impact testing machine the guard door must be closed at all times. Only the person who has put the sample in may operate the hammer.When working with the climate simulation chamber, the user must be aware that parts in the chamber can be either very cold (-70 ° C) or hot (up to 180 ° C). Here too, appropriate protective clothing should be worn. zu tragen.