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Guidelines KSTSpecific guidelines for individual laboratories

KST (Plastics Laboratory)

Work by students on equipment and systems in the plastics laboratory is permitted only after instruction by expert full-time, technical or scientific project staff. Before starting work on a unit of the plastics laboratory the responsible supervisor (full-timer, a researcher) or technicians must be informed. 
When working in the plastics laboratory the wearing of safety goggles,  appropriate protective clothing and closed shoes is compulsory. 
In the plastics laboratory plastics are processed in a plasticised state. Contact with hot parts of the plant (rheometer, thermoforming station) is to be avoided due to the risk of burns. There is also the danger of burns from hot and melted plastic parts. 
For the operation of DMA and DSC liquid nitrogen is used. When handling liquid nitrogen appropriate protective clothing (face shield/protection, gloves, ...) must be worn.