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Guidelines ESUSpecific guidelines for individual laboratories

ESU (Remelting Laboratory)

Due to the open test/experiment construction with high-voltage operation, this laboratory has the highest safety risk, requiring special precautions in handling the equipment. 
Students may only enter and work in the ESU lab in the presence of qualified full-time staff or technologists/scientific, research project assistants. 
When performing remelting experiments there must always be at least two people in the room. 
Manipulation of electrical equipment is permitted only when the power supply is completely turned off. When operating, all physical contact with equipment is to be avoided. 
The operation of the facility is permitted only under the guidance of an expert full-time member of staff (Dr. Reinhold Steiner, Dr. Peter Zeller) and only after verifying the system configuration. 
Stand-alone changes to the test set are to be avoided for safety reasons (for man and machine). 
Manipulation of remelted blocks may only be done provided all persons wear full protective clothing (helmet with face shield, coat, leggings, fixed (closed) shoes, gloves, ...). 

Attention! Metal parts which no longer glow can still be very hot (600 ° C) and should therefore not be touched without checking the temperature first.
In the laboratory a fire alarm intervention device is installed. This device is set up so there is one minute in which to confirm the alarm and, after this confirmation at the console, a further five minutes to decide if the alarm is real or not and if necessary cancel it. If the confirmation time of one minute passes without the alarm being confirmed at the console the alarm is transferred to the fire brigade. If the alarm is confirmed within one minute but then the further five minutes is allowed to pass the alarm is also transferred to the fire brigade.