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Laboratory Rules WT


These laboratory rules are intended to ensure safe and economical use of laboratories, which is achieved through proper and expert handling of installations and equipment and economical use of energy, water and supplies in such a way that:  

  • The health and safety of laboratory users is maintained. 
  • Accidents can be avoided. 
  • Unnecessary pollution is avoided. 
  • The cleanliness of the laboratory space and equipment is ensured. 

The teacher(s)/supervisor(s) of laboratory and project classes undertake to instruct the students about the rules for orderly operation and safety regulations at the beginning of the course. 
The laboratory rules must be known and followed by users. If a laboratory user is found to be in breach of the obligations under these provisions, the user’s permission to work in the laboratories can be withdrawn.

General guidelines for laboratory use

Knowledge of these regulations is a precondition for participation in the various laboratory exercises. 
Expectant and breast-feeding mothers must inform the appropriate instructor/supervisor of this (there are legal limits to what they are allowed to do in the laboratory). 
Bringing food and drinks and their consumption in laboratories is prohibited without exception. 
All equipment in the laboratory may only be operated after instruction in its use by the responsible technician or operator. 
The information in equipment instruction manuals about dangers must be heeded. Device-specific warnings are attached to the respective devices and are also to be heeded. 
At the end of each practical, all equipment which has been used must be returned to its original location. It is important to ensure that all instruments are switched off. The gas, air and water supply are to be turned off. 
The user has not only to log off, but must also switch off PCs. 
No liability is accepted for any damage caused by negligence on the part of students participating in practicals. 
When carrying out tests/experiments the work rules/process specifications and instructions given must be followed. Tests conducted according to self-devised, untested regulations are prohibited. 
In the vicinity of rotating machinery extra care is required. Long hair, ties, etc. are to be protected. 
For participants it is in their own interest to take all precautions that reduce the risk of accidents in the laboratory. 
Some test equipment cannot be fully protected for reasons of accessibility for measurement purposes. The supervisor/instructor of the practical must make this clear and the relevant instructions must be followed. 
Everything should be avoided which could harm equipment and components. Any damage must be reported immediately to the instructor.

Before switching on measurement devices, it must be checked that the correct effective range/range of measurement has been selected and that they are connected properly. 
For every practice assembly the corresponding limits must be adhered to. 
The instructions of the supervisor must be followed at all times. 
It is prohibited to install programs or to switch off the virus protection on personal computers of the Department of Materials Engineering. Furthermore, it is not allowed, - audio or visual - to download live streams. 
Escape routes are to be kept clear at all times.