Wels CampusEngineering

Laboratory Rules ET, MR


Valid for all laboratories in the fields of Electrical Engineering and Measuring and Regulation Technology


The lecturer must instruct the students about the dangers of electricity, the ground rules of accident prevention and behaviour during laboratory sessions. Without having received this instruction students are not allowed to participate in laboratory classes.

Access to the laboratories

Access to the laboratories is not permitted to unauthorised persons i.e. access is only allowed in the presence of a teacher or with his knowledge.

Safety, Safety Equipment

Circuit configuration and all circuit modifications must always be carried out at zero potential.  The only exceptions are exercises which are performed under exclusive use of PELV or SELV: protective- or safety extra-low voltage.
The 5 safety rules MUST be observed:

  1. Disconnect from the mains
  2. Ensure the electricity can not be switched on again
  3. Check all-pole disconnection
  4. Ground and short-circuit
  5. Cover or  isolate parts which are energised

Bare, live (voltage-carrying) parts of the circuit must basically be avoided. Necessary superstructures must be arranged in such a way that it is not possible to touch them by chance/accidentally. 
Only the equipment or facilities of the laboratory may be used i.e. it is not allowed to use/bring in private equipment. 
Permission to switch on and to wire must be obtained from the course teacher. Each person who energises equipment or circuits must be absolutely sure that there are no other persons in the vicinity of the electrical circuit, especially where there are bare/exposed parts.