Wels CampusEngineering

Library Rules

The library of Wels Campus supports research, teaching and study in all study programmes. It is generally accessible and ensures all users unlimited access to literature and information. For research, user account access, reservations and renewals there is a WEB-OPAC.

Use of the library

The following are entitled to use the library: full-time staff, part-time staff, students, external persons who have joined (on production of a certificate of registration, photo ID and payment of a deposit) 


Borrowing may only be done in person. All items in the library may be borrowed for private use on production of a valid library card, except of course those items which are kept permanently in the library (the non-lending collection) journals/periodicals and barred diploma theses. Borrowing is limited to a maximum of 10 items. Borrowed items must not be lent to third parties. If items are out on loan they can be reserved.

Inter-library loan

Items/media which are not in the library can be ordered from other libraries in Austria and abroad via inter-library loan. In special cases a deposit is required. The lending period for such items is fixed by the library where the items come from and can not be extended.

Borrowing periods

The borrowing period for all items in the library is four weeks. 
There are special regulations for:

  • Full-time lecturers/teachers of the university: one year
  • Part-time lecturers/teachers of the university: six months
  • Research Assistants: three months
  • Students on work experience/internship abroad can borrow items for the period of the placement on production of written confirmation by the Head of Studies


Provided an item has not already been reserved, borrowing periods can be renewed up to four times. The renewal must be made before the return date. External library users may not renew items.

Library Fees

Use of the library is free of charge. 
Fines for overdue items:

  • 0,10 euro per item per day
  • 5,00 euros per inter-library loan item per day

Charges for ordering:

  • Magazines/journal articles: 2,00 € per article
  • Inter-library loan:
    • Domestic: 6,00 € per item
    • From abroad: 20,00 € per item

Treamtment of Items and liability

Borrowers are requested to look after the items they borrow. Marks and notes in books are not allowed. All visible damage to items should be reported when hiring out. Lost or damaged items must be replaced with new items by the borrower. When photocopying items the user is responsible for ensuring he/she is not infringing/breaching any copyright laws. The library is not liable for any damage caused by use of borrowed items.

Confirmation of return of items

Students must hand in to the administration (usually the study programme office) written confirmation from the library that they have returned all borrowed items before they can officially leave the university.

Other regulations

The rooms of the library are for study. Silence and considerate behaviour are requested of visitors at all times. Bags, coats etc. are not allowed in the library. Lockers are provided for them outside the library. Library users who repeatedly abuse these regulations risk being barred.

Opening times

The library is open from

Monday to Friday from 7:45 am until 7:00 pm and

Saturday from 8 am until 1 pm.