House Rules


The ABGB (the Civil Code of Austria) is the legal basis for these House Rules.


The House Rules are valid for all students and internal and external staff of Wels Campus, hereafter referred to as the ‚user‘. They apply to all buildings at Wels Campus.

The House Rules must be issued to, or made known to, every user within a reasonable period and they constitute part of the study contract. Ignorance of the rules is no protection against the consequences of offences against them. 
Only the maintenance personnel for the technical equipment on the roof are allowed to enter the areas on the roof where the equipment is situated.


Consideration for others is a requirement of all users of the buildings. The close proximity of the many teaching rooms, laboratories and offices makes it essential that the House Rules are observed at all times. All users are required/obliged to exercise the utmost care when using the buildings and all adjacent areas (courtyard, areas shared with the BFI , the garage, bicycle parking areas etc.). This applies equally to the areas of the facility designated for general use. Careful and considerate use of the facility reduces repair, operational and maintenance costs. 
SMOKING in the rooms of the campus is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Eating and drinking are not allowed in teaching rooms (see also the Laboratory/Workshop rules). It is strictly forbidden to bring dangerous objects (e.g. knives, weapons etc.) onto the campus. No party-political activity of any kind is allowed.

Changes to the appearance of the buildings

Wels Campus, or the Facility Management on its behalf, reserves the right to refuse permission to individual users to attach or erect any objects which detract from or impair the general image/appearance of the building. The faciliity should preserve the image/appearance which was originally planned and desired by the School of Engineering and Environmental Sciences.


Each user is obliged to repair any damage caused to common rooms and equipment by his or her neglect or irresponsible behaviour in disregard of these House Rules. Repair of any damage, or any cleaning required, shall be at the cost of the liable user. If the damage is not repaired within a reasonable period, the School of Engineering and Environmental Sciences can issue an order requiring the user responsible to repair the damage. Damage to water pipes, drainage pipes and roof must be reported to Facility Management immediately. The same applies to serious incidents affecting everyone in general such as fire, break-in etc. even if only parts of the facility are affected. Liability also applies to relatives, visitors, visiting craftsmen etc.

Campus Opening Times

The campus (all buildings) is open from Monday to Friday from 7am to 10.30pm and Saturday from 7am to 6pm.

In addition, internal staff can use the door by the loading bay or the underground garage to enter or leave the building at any time by means of their chip cards.Outside the above opening times the campus buildings are alarmed. If any outside door is opened or the porch area of Building A is stepped on the alarm will go off and the security staff and/or the police will arrive. The costs for this must be borne by the person responsible for setting off the alarm. The above opening times apply until further notice.


Internal staff receives both a key and a chip card (Personnel Card).

Students receive a chip card in the form of an international student ID-card. With this card students have access to the computer rooms, to selected Interdisciplinary Project Rooms and to the underground garage. Students have no access to the building outside the above opening times. Part-time teachers receive both a key and chip card giving them access to the computer rooms, deparment-specific laboratories, the underground garage and the part-time teachers‘ Day Room. Part-time teachers have no access to the building outside the above opening times. The chip card is not transferable and Third Parties have no right to access. The automatic locking mechanism for all outside doors may not be deactivated.

Staircases and Corridors

Depositing rubbish and keeping and/or cleaning objects of any kind on staircases and in corridors are not allowed. The staircases are NOT storage areas for personal effects but areas which must be generally accessible to all, common areas which form part of the impression made on visitors by the facility as a whole. If a user causes any damage or makes any kind of mess on a staircase or in a corridor he or she must immediately repair or clean it up. It is of paramount importance that these areas are kept clear so that escape routes and exits are available in accordance with fire regulations. It is also very important that the doors which close off fire and smoke sectors are not left propped open but are kept closed at all times.

Loading Bay and Lifts/Elevators

The loading bay is an area designated both for general and specific users. In both cases the principle applies that to ensure efficiency of loading and to maintain the good image of the facility the loading ramp may only be used for this purpose i.e. loading. The loading bay may not be used as a parking area.The loading bay may not be used as a temporary storage area. The same principle applies to the lifts/elevators of the campus. The operating instructions for the use of lifts/elevators in accordance with official regulations are to be followed.

Basement/Cellar Rooms

If the lights are not working in the basement it is forbidden to light your way using any king of naked flame (match, candle, cigarette lighter) i.e. you must leave the garage and find a security man and follow his instructions. The storage of flammable or odorous substances is only possible with the permission of the School of Engineering and Environmental Sciences.

Fire Safety

The storage or use of flammable, explosive or toxic substances requires the permission of the School of Engineering and Environmental Sciences. 
Each user is required to use only non-flammable rubbish bins for reasons of fire safety. All users must observe the Fire Regulations.

Common Areas

The generally accessible terraces, stairs, ramps, parking and green areas are common areas for all users and must be treated with care. Here in particular order and cleanliness should be maintained as it is precisely these areas which affect a visitor’s overall impression of the facility. Each user is required to make his or her contribution to this impression.  

Removal of rubbish/waste

All rubbish and waste must be put in the bins and containers provided. These provide for separation of waste (glass, metal, plastic etc.) . Disposal of waste anywhere else (including adjacent to the rubbish bins or containers) is forbidden. Bulky waste (anything which is too big or not suitable for the bins) must be taken away by the user. The area next to a rubbish container is not a place for disposal of bulky waste. Solid objects (food remains etc.) must not be disposed of in the toilets. The emptying of liquids which could cause a blockage or contamination of drains is also prohibited.

Removal of Snow

Removal of snow is organised by Wels Campus. All users must ensure that driving and walking surfaces are clear and snow removal is not impeded.

Facility Management

Facility Management should be contacted for cleaning and carrying out minor repairs in the generally accessible common areas of the facility and where damage, inconveniences or dirt are noticed.

Weight Loads

Users are required to obtain prior permission for weight loads per square metre exceeding 500 kg. The user is liable in full for any damage caused if this rule is ignored/disregarded.

Use of technical equipment

All electrical equipment used in the building must comply with the regulations valid for it (see Laboratory Regulations below).


Facility Management is responsible for cleaning all rooms and facilities in common general use. Users are also reminded to leave all moveable furniture in the rooms it is intended for.  


It is forbidden to lean out of windows. It is also forbidden to throw objects of any kind out of windows.  

Parking of bicycles, mopeds, motor vehicles

The above means of transport must be parked in the suitable places provided. The pavement in front of the main entrance to the main building (Campus building A) is not a parking area for two-wheeled/single track vehicles. The courtyard of Buildings B, C and D is also not a parking area for motor vehicles.  

Generally available information surfaces and vending machines

Granting of permission to use advertising boards and surfaces is a matter for the   Advisory Committee for the building. Notices and posters are only allowed in the places and spaces designated for them and with permission from the Dean or the Head of Administration. Permission to use advertising spaces will be withdrawn if it is established that they are being misused (e.g. if relevant legal regulations are broken). Vending machines may only be installed with permission of the School of Engineering and Environmental Sciences.  

Underground Car Park/Car Park

The garage rules issued/published by Wels Campus apply. The underground car park is not a public car park. The parking area (of both the underground car park and the car park) is limited to the designated areas. The respective conditions must be observed. Wels Campus accepts no liability for any damage, theft etc. occurring in any parking area.


Pets are prohibited in all campus buildings. Bringing dogs to teaching events as well as meetings, discussions, lectures or other events is prohibited - with the exception of absolute necessity due to a disability.

External persons entering Wels Campus with pets must comply with the relevant laws and regulations. For dog owners, this means in particular that dogs must be kept on a leash or muzzled, and that the dog owner is obliged to immediately remove and dispose of the dog's excrement that it leaves on campus (§ 6 Upper Austrian Dog Control Act 2002). Non-compliance with these regulations may result in the owner being banned from campus.