Wels CampusEngineering

Fire Regulations

Valid for all buildings (A,B,C,E,F,G,H,I)

Buildings A, B and C of Wels Campus are equipped with fire alarm systems. Building A also has a sprinkler system.

These systems, together with the built-in fire protection features of the buildings themselves (fire doors, division of the building into fire sections, fire bulkheads etc.) provide for the greatest possible safety in the event of fire. The Fire Regulations below provide all users with information on correct behaviour in the event of a fire to ensure safety, avoid endangering health and property and limit damage. 
The following rules and regulations must be strictly observed. Failure to observe these rules and regulations may lead to civil and/or criminal legal proceedings.

Responsibility and Jurisdiction

FH OÖ Immobilien GmbH
Franz-Fritsch-Straße 11/Top 3
4600 Wels

Location Management:
Fachhochschule Wels
Stelzhamerstraße 23
4600 Wels 

Fire Prevention Officer: 
Haugeneder Martin 
Fa. Cofely Gebäudetechnik GmbH 
+43 664 60 840 979

Aigner Christian +43 664 80 48 44 3107 
Marincic Danijel +43 664 80 48 44 3109

The Fire Prevention Officer and the Deputy Fire Prevention Officers are responsible for fire safety in the above-mentioned buildings and for carrying out and observance of official or internal company fire protection measures.