New CampusA Great Place to Study!

At our School, studying is a collaboration between students, faculty and staff. In addition to imparting knowledge, the focus is on applying knowledge. Therefore, it is important that students,faculty and staff feel comfortable on campus and enjoy spending time here. The campus should be a synthesis of working, learning and living space. This means that in addition to lecture halls, seminar rooms and laboratories, there also need to be rooms and areas where students and lecturers can exchange ideas and relax.

In this context, a comprehensive initiative was launched 2 years ago to make the campus in Wels more attractive. The following infrastructure and offers have recently enriched life and work on campus.

Green Inner Courtyard

The inner courtyard is increasingly becoming a green oasis. A living green wall and comfortable seating areas invite you to linger and chill out.

New Students Lounge

The new student lounge on the 1st floor offers our students modern learning facilities and space for getting together. A real meeting point!

New Inner Courtyard

Based on numerous idea workshops with students and staff, a comprehensive concept for the design of the School’s inner courtyard was developed, the realization of which has already been largely implemented

  • A variety of seating areas embedded in green spaces and framed by trees.
  • Communication islands
  • W-Lan & power sockets
  • Pavilion with bar (can also be used for student parties :D)
  • Chill Out Areas
  • Relax & Retreat areas
  • Boulder Area (in discussion)

It is also being planned to implement a Flying Fox across the new inner courtyard - stay tuned!


Laboratory Building

A new laboratory building with 3,200 m² of usable space is available to Wels students, faculty, researchers and staff starting as of summer semester of 2021. Laboratories are urgently needed, because since the opening of the main building, the number of students in Wels has doubled. In recent years, the range of courses offered at the FH Upper Austria School of Engineering has been greatly expanded. The currently existing 9 FH buildings are almost bursting at the seams with 2000 students. In the new laboratory building (construction volume 18 million euros) the necessary infrastructure for teaching and research is to be offered to the "young" courses of studies. 8 large laboratories, including a civil engineering and composites laboratory, a technical center for food technology and process engineering, a drive systems and a microelectronics laboratory, an innovation and a robotics laboratory, as well as a model room and a multifunctional laboratory are housed in the new building. Smaller special laboratories deal with topics such as wastewater treatment, bus systems, acoustics, sound and reverberation. The third floor is home to the Innovation Space, design studio with model-making workshop, and a MakerSpace for all students to realize their ideas.

MakerSpaceTurn your ideas into something real!

The working space is equipped with all kinds of state of the art devices such as multiple 3D printers, a laser cutter and a small electronics lab.
All students are welcome to use this lab for study related projects and hands on experience. In addition, frequent workshops are offered where students can learn how to operate the machines. Visit our Maker Space website for more information.

Students Deck on the new Laboratory Building

The student lounge area "Students Deck" at the new lab building is also already available and offers the following:

  • Green spaces & trees
  • Seating areas
  • W-Lan & power sockets
  • Communication islands


New Mensa

The campus cafeteria, called Mensa, was also redesigned to meet the ever-increasing demand for delicious lunch menus:

  • New & larger serving areas
  • Buffet operation for greater selection
  • Redesigned check out


Faculty Lounge

On more than 100m² a modern Faculty Lounge has been set up for the numerous part-time lecturers of the School of Engineering in the main campus building A on the 2nd floor.

Faculty Lounge

On more than 100m² a modern Faculty Lounge has been set up for the numerous part-time lecturers of the School of Engineering in the main campus building A on the 2nd floor.

  • Communication area
  • Workstations
  • Coffee Corner & Refreshments
  • Lounge Area
  • News TV & magazines
  • Personal storage, etc.

...Planning Phase

Currently, student workshops and concept studies are taking place for the following additional projects:

  • Roof Terrace Stelzhamerstraße