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Exchange of Ideas Regarding Challenges in Times of Globalisation

  Researchers of the study degree programme “Global Sales and Marketing” and of the “Intercultural Management Center” at FH Upper Austria (Steyr Campus) discussed challenges and chances for companies and Managers in times of globalisation at the Beijing Humboldt-Forum in China with more than 200 researchers from around the world i.e. from China, Germany, Korea, Japan, Australia…  Read more

Automotive Mechatronics and Management student wins the raffle "WelsSPITZE"

  The School of Engineering in Wels began the academic year with a record number of students (for the first time more than 2,000), new study programmes and the first international accreditation of a Bachelor’s degree in engineering. This was celebrated with a raffle: ‘WelsSPITZE’. The AMM student Grant Pringle won the main prize, a voucher for the Red Bull Formula 1 Ring Project…  Read more

A Double Degree for International Students at the FH Upper Austria Wels Campus

  The FH Upper Austria has enjoyed good ties with the renowned Italian University “Universitá della Calabria” for years. In the meantime, double degree programmes have been established in the fields of Innovation and Product Management (Wels) and Management Engineering  (Calabria). These programmes enable students to obtain two academic degrees by completing one joint study…  Read more

International Seminar about Supply Chain Risk Management in Steyr

  From 7th to 9th September international researchers focused intensively on how to anticipate, minimize and manage the risk in supply networks. At the invitation of Steyr FH-Professor Dr. Markus Gerschberger they came to the 16th 'International Research Seminar on Supply Chain Risk Management' (ISCRiM) to present their latest research results and discuss future joint research…  Read more

Taiwan meets Upper Austria

  University and political leaders from Taiwan visit FH Upper Austria Wels Campus  Read more

FH Upper Austria welcomes experts from 14 different countries

  International Days in Social Work at Linz Campus  Read more

Marshall Plan scholarship holders of the FH Upper Austria

  Congratulations to the students Thomas Gölß (BUT), Michael Jan Freudenthaler (BUT),  Edwine Lehner (BUT), Philipp Seidl (MME), Simon Höglinger (MME), Vanessa Hinko (MME) and Thomas Bernwinkler (BMI) who received the Marshall Plan Scholarship in the presence of H.E. Alexa Wesner (Ambassador of the U.S. to Austria) and Dr. Wolfgang Petritsch (President Austrian Marshall Plan…  Read more

And the award goes to... Hagenberg!

  Even three movie awards in L.A., New York and Zagreb went to the Digital Arts Master graduates of University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria for their final movie "Le Constructeur de Malheur". Since then the 9-minute-long short movie has been presented at various festivals all around the world. The creative heads behind this animation movie are Kristin Müller, Manuel Preuß,…  Read more

International Fair at Steyr Campus

  The International Week at the FH Upper Austria School of Management in Steyr took place from 17 to 20 May and once again offered numerous highlights. The “International Fair” on 18 May took participants on an exciting journey around the world. This fair, held by exchange students, was a special attraction with its range of multicultural folklore, music and national cuisine…  Read more

Eco-Energy Engineer researches in Spain

  About 2.6 billion people – about half of developing world - lack access to safe water (WHO). Excessive amounts of microbes, chemicals or pollutants make some water unsafe to drink and cause water-related diseases. As a result contaminated water must be treated before it can be used for human consumption. In her internship at IMDEA Aqua in Madrid, Martina Reisner will engage in…  Read more

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