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Campus Hagenberg welcomes 36 international students

  36 students from 16 different nations started their semester at the School of Informatics, Communications and Media on October 1st. 24 are incoming students doing their semester abroad in Hagenberg. 12 international students are starting their two-semester international Master’s Degree in Interactive Media, Energy Informatics or Mobile Computing. The 36 international students…  Read more

How to reduce aggressive behaviour at schools

  For three days, Linz was the hotspot of the international aggression research community. By signing the children´s rights convention, Austria placed itself under an obligation to protect children and teenagers from any type of violence, be it of a physical or mental nature. Still, the facts speak a different language: studies conducted in Austria document that a high number of…  Read more

India meets FH Upper Austria

  Students from India are a strongly represented group at the Campus Wels. Recently, 21 students followed the invitation of Vice-president Andreas Zehetner for a common exchange of experiences.  The students highlighted the good integration within the Wels students union. Generally, however, they would appreciate more intensive German courses as well as internships and part-time…  Read more

Social work put to international test

  Already for the 6th time, the FH Upper Austria School of Health & Social Sciences in Linz hosted a summer school in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM). Current issues in social work and criminology were the focus of discussions between our students and faculty and that of the US partner university known for its excellent research. Discussions were…  Read more

2nd Place at the Rescue-Robot –WM in Hefei / China

  Just recently, the RoboCup world championship took place in Hefei (China). Thousands of excited visitors were drawn to the various robot contests. A team of 9 students from the FH Upper Austria degree programme “Automation Engineering” in Wels was among the international contestants. With their rescue robots “Mark”, “Scorpion” and “Safir”, the students from Wels came in second…  Read more

Wels International Summer Academy– a success story

  The second „International Summer Academy in Engineering for Women“ (ISAE4W) took place at Wels Campus from July 13 to 24. This summer school is directed towards female students and prospective students between 17 and 26 years of age from Austria and all over the world. It provides a very praxis-orientated study and research programme in the fields of engineering and the natural…  Read more

FH Upper Austria: partnership with largest private and fastest growing university in Chile

  On 11th July 2015, the FH Upper Austria welcomed the president of Andrés Bello University, Dr. José Rodriguez and his wife, Dra. Cecilia Reyes. Both institutions signed an agreement of cooperation. The renowned Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB), which is named after the South American philosopher, human rights activist and writer and it is the largest and fastest growing private…  Read more

Rainbow of nations at IT Summer Workshop in Hagenberg

  More than 70 academics from 17 nations visited Hagenberg in mid-June to take part in the second Summer Workshop on IT Education and Research at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. This year’s three-day event showcased online learning, focusing in  particular on  so-called "Massive Open Online Courses" (MOOCs). Four high-profile speakers from Great Britain, the…  Read more

First human with prosthetic leg that can feel

  Encouraging study results under laboratory conditions For the first time in history, an Austrian team of researchers has successfully fitted a human being with a leg prosthesis that sends feelings to its wearer. This marks a revolution in prosthesis research. The study results indicate that it greatly increases safety when in motion. The new prosthesis is perceived to be much…  Read more

Campus Hagenberg researchers win Google Research Award

  Researchers at the Media Interaction Lab of the FH Upper Austria were granted the “Google Faculty Research Award” for their idea to outfit clothes with sensors, thereby combining the latest technology with fashion. This sought-after prize is awarded twice a year. With this achievement, the Campus Hagenberg researchers find themselves among the ranks of elite research…  Read more

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