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Visiting students from Tokyo: „Professor Egger is a scientific celebrity in Japan“

Roundtrip of Europe in 3 roughly weeks

23 days – 6 countries – 30 institutions and companies: 3 students of the Tokyo Institute of Technology are currently racing through the European landscape of innovations, of which our Campus Linz is a prominent part.

They opted for a visit to the Department of Medical Device Technology at the FH Upper Austria, because Prof. Hubert Egger, a specialist in the field of prosthetics, has been a focus of scientific attention in Japan since he developed the first prosthetic leg that can feel.

"Reports about his research in the Japanese media were very impressive“, says Madoka Kuvosaki. She herself wants to do research on artificial limbs and therefore did not want to miss the opportunity to spend a day studying with the expert at the FH Upper Austria.