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Supply Chain Management - Visiting Professor from Lehigh University

Professor Zach G. Zacharia visited the research department for Supply Chain Management (SCM) at the Logistikum of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria from 1 – 12 March. Zacharia is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management at the College of Business Administration and Economics at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania / USA.  

He teaches graduate classes and undergraduate classes in Supply Chain Operations Management and Logistics & Transportation.  Prof. Zacharia has published about 20 research papers including articles in the Journal of Operations Management and in the Journal of Business Logistics, the leading journals in those fields.  He has also published in 5 of the top 6 journals the researcher value most at Logistikum.

Prof. Zacharia’s research interest is currently focused on the area of Supply Chain Collaboration and Coopetition.  Within these two weeks on campus in Steyr, he shared his knowledge in a number of research areas and also discussed what the key factors that are considered when publishing in top academic journals.

Prof. Zacharia is working with the Logistikum SCM research group to help develop publications from their many different existing research projects. For the future, the Logistikum SCM research group looks forward to a lively and close exchange with Prof. Zacharia for the build-up of a long term, valuable and successful research partnership.

SCM reseach team with Prof. Zacharia (far left)