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Successful 6th "International Summer Academy in Engineering 4 Woman"

The 6th “International Summer Academy in Engineering 4 Woman” took place July 9-24. 32 girls from 21 countries experienced a unique adventure in Upper Austria. They made friends from all over the world, attended workshops and seminars and developed new skills.

The participants, all from different backgrounds within Engineering or Natural Sciences, were offered a summer programme tailored to their interests and expanding their focus of studies. Laboratories in DNA forensics, exclusive insights into molecular biology, the latest innovations in medical technology and energy storage methods were just some of the topics of the academy. Special aspects of the programme are the inclusion of ethical questions and the attempt to weave creativity into the sciences in order to push forward new ideas and approaches.

During the "Science Café" the girls had the opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss current topics on being a female engineer and/or scientist with established female researchers from various fields of technology and science. Visits to the leading fire engine manufacturer Rosenbauer, the power plant Abwinden/Asten and the ARS Electronica Center, a museum combining art, technology and science, were just some of the additional highlights of the event.

Of course, the programme also offered opportunities to experience the culture and beauty of Upper Austria. A Wels city tour, the Linz street art festival “Pflasterspektakel” and a visit to Traunkirchen are established components of the academy. A traditional Austrian "Brettljause" was of course also a must.

FH Upper Austria was happy to host so many bright and talented young students and is looking forward to more summer academies!