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Study Abroad Semester at UC Berkeley

From now on, UC Berkeley with its powerful reputation will be a prominent addition to the CVs of Alexander Tonino and Christian Attenberger. The two students in Medical Engineering have just completed an exchange semester at the University of California, Berkeley. It is one of the highest ranked and most academically renowned universities in the US. Alexander Tonino had long-standing plans to “study and live abroad“. Now, he refers to his time in the US as “the ultimate adventure“ and is happy about many new experiences and friendships.

Christian Attenberger also wanted to “look beyond the borders of Europe“. His objective was much more than just to hone his language skills. “An extended stay abroad provides an opportunity to experience the everyday life of a different sort of people, to get to know their traditions and ways of thinking on a completely different level“, says Attenberger.

He describes Berkeley as a small, quiet town with a long-standing tradition. Our student greatly enjoyed both US mentality and lifestyle. Meanwhile, he considers himself a “great fan of the US”.

Because the Department of Medical Engineering has good relations with a number of US universities, Attenberger urges all students who are considering a study abroad semester in the US to actually take that step.