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Plekhanov Russian University of Economics a reliable Partner of FH Upper Austria

Professor Andreas Zehetner, Vice President of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, came to IBS-Plekhanov with a teaching and research visit from 26 to 30 March 2018.

During the IBS-Plekhanov visit days, Professor Zehetner met the Dean of IBS-Plekhanov Professor Nadezhda Ponomareva and her colleagues, Head of the Department of Marketing Professor Irina Skorobogatykh, visited the campus of Plekhanov university, its historical and modern buildings, talked with Russian colleagues about the history, traditions and corporate culture of Plekhanov University, the oldest Economics University in the country (since 1907), with the first higher education programme in Russia (IBS-Plekhanov) taught entirely in English, since 1992. Very strong links with the international and national business community, excellent graduate employability, the friendly atmosphere and many other strength areas make the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics perfect long-term partners.  

Professor Zehetner has taught a number of lectures and experimental workshops, for both undergraduate and Master Degree students. These included a Negotiation Workshop in which students exercised their bargaining skills as buyers and sellers of technical goods. Students have discovered a lot about themselves in the roles of business buyers and sellers. Andreas Zehetner taught a Master Degree Cross Cultural Research Workshop at IBS-Plekhanov. He encouraged the students to observe and analyse cultural differences, to be positive and ready for new challenges, and most of all enjoy every moment of communication and building new connections in a great variety of different cultures.   Professor Zehetner and IBS-Plekhanov students have found the experience highly productive and very enjoyable.   The visit continues with Master Degree interactive lectures and workshops on Industrial and Cross Cultural B2B Marketing, more meetings with Russian colleagues and making plans for further development of student exchange, Double Degree, teaching and research cooperation".