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Mobbing in Schools: When do bystanders get involved?

Start of a joint project between Austria and the Czech Republic

Currently, Campus Linz is hosting the kick-off meeting to the research project „Mobbing in Schools: When do youngsters defend their targeted peers?“, which is funded as part of the "Scientific & Technological Cooperation with the Czech Republic 2017-18 (WTZ)".

The main objective of the project is a longitudinal inquiry into factors on the individual and the group level which predict youngster interference in mobbing incidents.

For the Czech partners, Dr. Lenka Kollerova (Czech project leader) is in attendance alongside Prof. Dr. Petr Soukup and Mag. Veronika Blahova. FH-Prof. PD Dr. Dagmar Strohmeier (Austrian project leader), Dr. Petra Gradinger, Dr. Elisabeth Stefanek and Mag. Takuya Yanagida are the Austrian researchers and Dr. Angela Mazzone from Florence is also contributing her expertise. The next project meeting will be held in Prague from 6 June  – 9 June 2017.