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Marshall Plan scholarship holders of the FH Upper Austria

Congratulations to the students Thomas Gölß (BUT), Michael Jan Freudenthaler (BUT),  Edwine Lehner (BUT), Philipp Seidl (MME), Simon Höglinger (MME), Vanessa Hinko (MME) and Thomas Bernwinkler (BMI) who received the Marshall Plan Scholarship in the presence of H.E. Alexa Wesner (Ambassador of the U.S. to Austria) and Dr. Wolfgang Petritsch (President Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation) on 8 June.

The Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation invites U.S. and Austrian universities of applied sciences and technical universities to take part in this program and nominate their students from partner institutions who are interested in doing academic research abroad. The program is focused primarily on research in the field of technical sciences. It is the Foundation’s goal to see more Austrians and Americans participate in exchange programmes, thereby increasing mutual understanding and image. The funding will be up to € 10.000,- (at a minimum of € 3.000,-) for at least three months.

This year alone 10 students from the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria are Marshall Plan holders.