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Finland meets Austria

Student from Lapland University of Applied Sciences reports

In some cases the FH Oberösterreich also organizes a vocational internship for students from our partner universities. This was the case with Marjo Huhtala, a student at the Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Lapland (LAPIN AMK) – here is a short report on her stay in Linz:

I came from Finland to the FH Upper Austria, School of Medical Engineering and Applied Social Sciences, Linz to do my practical training at an international kindergarten. It was organized by the International Office in Linz. At first I was a bit worried how my stay would go since I don’t speak German, but it turned out that this wasn’t a problem. I really enjoyed my stay in Linz and my practicum place could have not been better.

I came to Linz alone so I didn’t know anybody. But luckily I had a “buddy” organized by the school and this person helped me a lot. I was also very lucky because through a colleague at work, I met so many great people. I play disc golf as a hobby and through this sport I also met so many nice people. I think in my spare time I spent quite a lot of time on the disc golf course and also made some trips to competitions. In my free time, I also visited many cities nearby, like Salzburg, Vienna, Prague etc. I think it’s so easy to go and travel from Linz, so I really enjoyed these trips.

I don’t know if there was anything I didn’t especially like… I’m a quite relaxed person and take things as they are. I trust that everything will work out eventually, so I don’t want to spend my time being annoyed about the things that I really can’t do much about. Overall I think my exchange was great and I highly recommend going abroad. And I think going alone was great, because this forces you to be more open and social.