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FH Upper Austria: partnership with largest private and fastest growing university in Chile

On 11th July 2015, the FH Upper Austria welcomed the president of Andrés Bello University, Dr. José Rodriguez and his wife, Dra. Cecilia Reyes. Both institutions signed an agreement of cooperation. The renowned Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB), which is named after the South American philosopher, human rights activist and writer and it is the largest and fastest growing private university of Chile

Not everybody knows that Chile is also one of the most important trading partners of Austria in South America and a sought after investment location for Austrian companies who wish to build up a toehold in Latin America. Currently 450 Austrian companies are doing business with Chile; 50 hold branch offices there. In 2013 the export volume from Austria to Chile reached a value of appr. 200 Million euros. Chile, besides its spectacular natural beauty, provides high security standards and a wealth of raw materials, especially copper.

UNAB has an excellent reputation in the field of medical engineering as well as in Social Sciences and Ecology and Natural Resources. In the near future both universities will start to exchange students and faculty and organise joint research projects.

from left: Katharina Schnabl (Head of Int.Relations), Andreas Zehetner (Vice President Int. Affairs), José Rodríguez (Rector UNAB), Regina Aichinger (Chancellor), Cecilia Reyes, Clemens Holzmann (Vice-Dean, School of Informatics, Communications & Media)