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FH Upper Austria Part of Cutting Edge Technology Association

In October 2019, FH Upper Austria joined another cutting-edge academic association: the “World Technology Universities Network” (WTUN; https://www.wtu-n.net/). The WTUN is a global network of technical and research-focused universities with the mission to conduct high level research on current topics that yield a benefit for our society. Education is another priority for the network, aiming at educating global citizens who will be ready for the challenges of the future.

Technical universities are an important part of our future development, providing solutions to today’s problems, growing the economic strength through new developments and improvements and thus building the knowledge economy of the future. Global collaboration is essential to reach this goal.

Cutting-edge research which provides benefits for the society and highly skilled graduates are also the back bone of FH Upper Austria, therefore the membership in the WTUN to join forces comes naturally. FH Upper Austria would like to extend its international research connections even further and provide new opportunities for established and young researchers.

Besides fostering global research and development collaboration amongst its members, the WTUN also provides attractive supporting activities such as mobility grants for researchers and faculty or student competitions. The annual “World Technology Universities Conference” provides insights into current research activities and the opportunity for researchers to connect, share best practices and develop future joint projects.

Recently the Network committed to gender equality, which is also supported by FH Upper Austria by signing the Gender Equality Pledge. We are looking forward to several exciting opportunities and connections with other WTUN members in the future.