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Shroomsday - When War of the Worlds meets Killer Shrooms

  Film award for Digital Art students of FH Upper Austria  Read more

On Exchange Semester with Reindeer and Santa Claus 

  For Carmen Balzer, a third-semester bachelor's student of social work, it was clear before she began her studies that she wanted to spend a semester abroad. "Due to my love of winter and nature and after reading the consistently positive reports, my choice quickly fell on the Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Kemi - in the Finnish region of Lapland", explains Balzer.…  Read more

Pioneering Work for a Functioning Circular Economy

  Reusable "Green Packaging" developed - Recycling instead of buying new  Read more

Hagenberg Graduate Convinces Mark Zuckerberg with App

  With the Zuckerberg Keynote, the graduate of the FH Upper Austria School of Informatics, Communications and Media in Hagenberg also received financial support from Meta  Read more

Experience Southern Italy at the University of Calabria

  As a student of the Master's programme in Social Work, I have a very intensive and enriching time in Cosenza! The various courses offered at the university give me the opportunity to gain insight into the working methods of future social workers in Calabria. But the region also has a lot to offer outside of the university: in addition to the culinary delights, such as pizza and…  Read more

Individual Focus - More Flexibility - Improved Study Options

  Starting in fall, the current 2000 students can look forward to even more flexibility in their studies at Wels Campus  Read more

Detection of Breast Cancer Biomarker Increases Chances of Survival

  Synthetic receptor-based Biosensing Platform for Protein Biomarkers  Read more

Spring School "Hidden Business Champions” at Steyr Campus

  From May 15-21, more than 40 international students from Finland, Belgium and Ukraine visited the Steyr Campus of FH Upper Austria to find out what makes a company a "Hidden Business Champion". After intensive preparation, the success factors were identified in courses and new business ideas were developed together.  Visits to companies of different sizes and industries, all…  Read more

Reduce CO2 emissions and save costs in production

  Through the Energie Star 2021 Award, the OÖ Energiesparverband and the province of Upper Austria awards innovative, ground-breaking academic and industrial research projects. Under the same theme is The Young Energy Researcher Award for young, aspiring researchers which promotes the future of energy at scientific level. A Mechatronics/Economics graduate, Dominik Leherbauer,…  Read more

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