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Spring School "Hidden Business Champions” at Steyr Campus

  From May 15-21, more than 40 international students from Finland, Belgium and Ukraine visited the Steyr Campus of FH Upper Austria to find out what makes a company a "Hidden Business Champion". After intensive preparation, the success factors were identified in courses and new business ideas were developed together.  Visits to companies of different sizes and industries, all…  Read more

Social Work Study Trip to Hamburg

  This year, students of social work had the opportunity to take part in a study trip to Hamburg. The programme included visits to various institutions on the topics of prostitution, addiction and counselling. In addition, there was an exchange on ethical issues with students from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.  Read more

Diversity Day on June, 14th 2022

  The 8th Diversity Day of the FH OÖ will be held on Wels Campus on June, 14th from 16:00-18:00. Childcare will be offered (if needed), hybrid participation is possible.  Read more

Career Talk for Internationals - Graduates promote working in Upper Austria

  On 3 May at the Wels Campus five international graduates of technical degree programmes told us why they decided to live in Upper Austria after graduation. More than 50 students listened enthusiastically to the speakers and took the opportunity to ask their most burning questions about their careers. Young adults have to make two difficult decisions in their lives: Who do I…  Read more

Ukraine Students are Accepted for Summer Semester 2022

  The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria would like to invite students who have come to us from Ukraine to study as guest students (free of charge) at one of our schools in the summer semester 2022. We have campuses in Wels, Hagenberg, Linz and Steyr and teach the disciplines of economics, engineering, computer science and medical engineering. Students studying these…  Read more

International Success Story: Master's Programme for the Automotive Industry

  The 5th anniversary shows: International graduates work in local companies  Read more

Medical Technology Professor's Textbook Published in Chinese

  Corona and the resulting lockdown have strengthened a passion of FH-Prof. PD Dr. Thomas Haslwanter from the Department of Medical Technology in Linz, which he has already been cultivating for several years - the writing of technical books. Three of them have been published so far by the renowned Springer-Verlag : https://work.thaslwanter.at/. Haslwanter is particularly proud…  Read more

Paralympics Medalist is Supported by FH Upper Austria Sports Team

  Florian Brungraber Won Silver in Triathlon in Tokyo  Read more

From Hagenberg to New Zealand

  International prize-winners, world-renowned creatives and renowned studios will be on hand when Hagenberg's University of Applied Sciences once again brings computer animation before the curtain at the Ars Electronica Media Festival from 10 to 12 September.  Read more

International Summer Academy for Women - 12 Students from 7 Countries Gained New Experiences Abroad in and Around Upper Austria

  Exclusive insights into the world of hydropower, space technology, ethical and sustainable product design, Internet of Things for astronomical observations, current projects in medical technology and robotics.  Read more

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