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Without 'A'-Levels FH Study Preparatory Programme


Head of Studies:
Dr. Stefan Sunzenauer

Assistant to Head of Studies / Study Advisor:
Elke Bumberger

Preparatory School
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria
Stelzhamerstraße 23
4600 Wels/Austria
Phone: +43 5 0804 43130
Email: lehrgang@fh-ooe.at

Qualification for Persons with an Apprenticeship or Certificate from a Vocational School

Studies at a University of Applied Sciences not only offer graduates with ‘A’-Levels fascinating professional perspectives, they also open up new chances and opportunities for further career development to people with an apprenticeship or certificate from a vocational school. In order to make access to studies at a tertiary educational institution possible for applicants without ‘A’-Levels, the FH Upper Austria offers a course to achieve the necessary study qualification: a two-semester, part-time preparatory course for studies at the FH Upper Austria which is ideally coordinated in terms of content and structure.

You can complete the pre-entry course for university independent of the faculty/course of studies or location of the FH Upper Austria you then choose to study at, whether it be Linz, Wels, Steyr or Hagenberg.

This Course Opens the Door to Studies at FH Upper Austria

Applicants with a relevant professional qualification obtained through the completion of vocational training (apprenticeship) or a vocational school (berufsbildene mittlere Schule) can acquire the necessary additional qualifications to study at a University of Applied Sciences in evening courses, blocked instructional units and through the use of distance learning.The course is characterised by its focused preparation, tailored for studies at a University of Applied Sciences

  • Competent instructors
  • Efficient acquisition of knowledge
  • Flexible instruction modules
  • Part-time and free of charge

The course lasts 2 semesters: 
Evening courses (3 - 4 evenings per week) and seminars (events in blocked form, evening/weekend modules from 4-10 hours each).

Please note: This course is designed for applicants whose first language is German. For applicants whose first language ist not German a certificate proofing language skills equivallent to ÖSD level B2 is required.