Lectures are concluded with a written or oral examination at the end of the semester. For each examination a set of dates is offered from which the students can, within certain limits, freely select. In seminars, tutorials and project work an "accompanying performance review" is usually applied. It should be noted that certain lectures can only be taken after the associated foundation lecture has been successfully completed. If an examination is not successfully completed, then a maximum of two repetitions are possible, whereby the second repetition is in form of a commissional examination.

Examination times

The last 2-3 weeks of each term and/or the beginning of February/beginning of July are reserved for examinations pertaining to the preceding lectures. Other regulations apply with respect to part-time courses of studies, here the examinations take place during the semester.

Confirmation of successfully completed courses

Each student receives proof of successful completion of individual courses in the semester or the entire academic year if required, for example, by authorities or scholarship agencies. If, at this time, not all results are complete, individual results can be issued. As soon as all the semester grades are available a copy will be handed out free of charge.