Students' Everyday Life What Does the Campus Have to Offer?

Student Life

From a crazy boat race to a cell phone throwing contest, from a student party to a solar car challenge – the FH Upper Austria and its students plan entertaining events that make campus life more lively. There are 8 tertiary education establishments in Upper Austria and the student life in the campus cities Linz, Hagenberg, Steyr and Wels is as multifarious as one might therefore expect. Even if students do not study together, students from different universities often party together.


As a balance to studying, the sports club ’FH OO Sportsteam‘ provides students, alumni and staff with a wide range of opportunities to practise sport. There is something for everyone from yoga to triathlon at a range of different levels.


Libraries at each faculty provide numerous books, databanks and electronic journals on their relevant areas of focus. The impressive numbers: 107,000 print media 10,000 e-Books 290 periodical subscriptions around 15,000 e-journal licenses.

Support for Company Start-Ups

The Transfer Center for Company Start-ups is a unique service provider for potential founders of enterprises and their successors from the FH Upper Austria. Experts test ideas for marketability and support founders with market entry and building up sales. 51 such start-ups were supported before the end of 2014.

Alumni Club

Alumni keep in touch with each other via the Alumni Club. Events, further education, travel and much more can be found on their agenda.

Student Representatives

Students at all faculties of the FH Upper Austria are represented by campus and degree programme representatives as well as nationwide representatives from the Austrian Student Union (OH). The OH group from the FH Upper Austria sends a delegate to the national OH.